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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Snafus & Such

Nothing like starting a new blog and having something derail. For whatever reason, the "comments" function isn't working, and I've been told by those wishing to comment that they can't comment. I have a note in to Blogger to help fix this.

Thank you for stopping by - new posts should appear every 5 days (and once some of the other contributors start posting, more often than that).

You can still join as a Follower and receive emails when new posts appear. Again, my apologies for the comment function.

It's overcast here. Snow yesterday morning followed by an afternoon of sunshine and temps in the lower 60's. WEIRD.

I had some interesting emails yesterday. It astonishes most of us when articles we write are picked up by other newsletters, and it feels really good. Even with those of us who haven't done articles in ages, those who've never done them and those who forget how often we write them. a nutshell...I contacted someone whose article I snagged for the next newsletter I do. She was beyond happy, and her enthusiasm and thanks set my mood for the night.

One of the reasons I love my local RWA group, Midwest Romance Writers, is because we aren't afraid to reach for help and we are good with the atta-girls. Their appreciation of my work on the newsletters ALWAYS puts me in a good space. Makes me more appreciative of them as well as those whose articles I snag for our newsletters. (Therefore, my private note to the one writer that I enjoyed her article and wished to reprint it with her permission.) There was a time when newsletters were a passion for me that faded. It's nice to enjoy myself again when I do them.

It's "pet the cat" Guy goes to work, boss is hard on him. He then goes home and grouches at the wife, who snaps at her children. Then one of them is in a foul mood and kicks the cat. I like it that we pet kitty.


Take a look at the new MRW website.

Have a great weekend! See you again on the 5th, if not before, in here.

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