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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Riting & Reeling

I'm reeling because of the heartbreaking devastation in Oklahoma City and the pain from saying goodbye to a wonderful old pet. Riting/writing because it is what I do and it helps me sort things out. I'm not able to write about either OKC or Chewy at this point, but someday I might. For now, I'm concentrating on women's fiction and fleshing out the most screwed up protagonist ever.

I used to be a plotter, use a detailed outline as a roadmap. I could veer off a bit, but I always knew precisely where I was going and how to reach my destination. This character has turned me into a total pantster, and she surprises me every day. Now I get why so many writers prefer this method. It's exciting, challenging, and absolutely maddening. I often wonder why I chose this path, because now not only is my character bonkers--she's driving ME nuts.

What appeals is the adventure. Maybe her journey reflects my own somehow. I know for sure every time she emotes, I feel like I've dropped my pants in public.

1 comment:

  1. I'm with you there as a pantster, Sunny.
    All the best, Shayne