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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Crazy Days

Attended what has to be the best writers' retreat EVER! Ate like a queen. Critiqued some wonderful manuscripts. Then left my laptop at our lakefront condo. Ack. Am in the process of retrieving the laptop, but what a pain.

Discovered I have 2 books debuting in December. An essay in a book by Gloria Gaynor is on pre-order at Amazon. It's called How We Survived. Marvelous cover, and comes with a CD. And my first novel with Harlequin Escape, in Australia, debuts December 1st! This one is RILEY'S BILLIONAIRE.

This Indian Summer has been fantastic. While I'm not looking forward to nasty weather, I always seem to writ more during colder months. Win-win, right?

More later. Enjoy Life!

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